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AIMI Generates AI Vibes on Youtube

AIMI Generates AI Vibes on Youtube

AIMI, the generative music platform launched its first AI generated music channels on Youtube. The AI music startup hopes to set a standard for AI in the music Industry.

How does it work?

AIMI’s Ai is based on machine learning models trained to play a continuous stream of music based on a genre or style of music. Each of the 10 YouTube channels offers its own style of music generated live, and plays infinitely. Listeners won’t hear any specific pre-recorded song, rather the AI generated music in the style of the specific genre you select. 

Aimi offers 10 channels to choose from on youtube: 

Each channel produces unique sounds within the model specified by the genre. AIMI is quick to point out that models created to generate the music have been ‘ethically and legally trained’.

Edward Balassanian

“We want to showcase the possibilities of wedding human creativity and the power of generative AI,” says Edward Balassanian, Founder and CEO of Aimi. “These channels are a product of that union.”

The youtube channels come after the recent launch of AIMI’s beta app. Their app allows users to remix AI-generated beats. Users can separate individual elements and alter parts in real-time, by turning elements up or down, removing or adding in new sounds.

There are already plenty of generative AI music startups popping up. Here’s a list of some of the most popular.

  • Amper Music – This cloud-based platform is a great choice for content creators or individuals looking to develop soundtracks and sound for games, movies, or podcasts. With the premium edition you have even more options that supplement you as the artist. 
  • AIVA – With AIVA, you can easily generate music of many genres and styles by first selecting a preset style. When it comes to current music, you can use AIVA to apply edits.
  • Soundful – Soundful leverages the power of AI to generate royalty free background music at the click of a button for your videos, streams, podcasts and much more.
  • Ecrett Music – Ecrett Music generates clips of music by training on hundreds of hours of existing songs. The tool’s straightforward interface and large selection of scenes, emotions, and genres makes it a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike. 
  • Soundraw – Soundraw enables you to customize a song with AI-created phrases, among many other things. The tool relies on the combination of AI and its assembly of manual tools, all of which enable you to generate and customize new music with ease.
  • Boomy – Boomy enables you to create original songs in seconds. After setting a few filters and clicking ‘Create Song’ the tool’s creative artificial Intelligence writes and produces a full song in seconds. You will then have the option to reject or save it. And as you follow this process, Boomy’s AI develops a personalized profile for you to help create the best music.

While it seems clear that most AI generated music would have a hard time competing with human produced songs, it might not be that long until what seems like robot generated elevator music starts to sound like hits. Time will tell…


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