Apple Music Adds New Karaoke Feature Sing

Sing brings world class Karaoke features to Apple Music through its best in class lyrics system.

Karaoke lovers rejoice! Your Apple Music subscription now gives you access to a new Karaoke platform, where you can take the lead, sing backup, perform duets and more. The new feature, Apple Music Sing allows you to see the lyrics while playing a song and even adjust the vocal settings. You can sing along with the vocals of the original singers or play as a backup vocalist. Or, if you prefer, you can take a backseat and let someone else sings a duet with you.

AppleThe new feature, which will be available to users later this month uses the company’s outstanding lyrics system. According to Apple, karaoke mode will provide users with access to more than 50 specialized ‘companion playlists’ that include karaoke-ready music and animated lyrics that match the vocals.

The company did not specify whether these songs would be immediately available across various genres, such as Bollywood – important because it could attract the huge South Asian audience. Apple stated its Music Sing-optimized playlists would have all of the duets, epic songs, choruses, and anthems driving people worldwide to sing.

The new Apple Music Sing feature is stacked with various tools to make singing along to your favorite songs more fun and interactive. With millions of tracks in the collection, you can easily mix up the vocals to create your own personalized version or follow along with the original singer.

The lyrics are cleverly written, and they appear on screen divided between the two singers. This singing animation displays the progress of a song and its vocals in real-time, with lyrics that dance to the beat of the music. Background vocals appear in a separate animation from the main voice to help listeners understand what is being sung. There is also a Duet View option which allows multiple singers to show up on other sides of the screen for duets and multi-singer tracks – perfect for group vocals.

Oliver Schusser

“Apple Music’s lyrics experience is consistently one of the most popular features on our service.” Said Oliver Schusser, Vice president of Apple Music and Beats

Look for the microphone icon with stars surrounding it to adjust the vocals. Lower the professional voice until it’s quiet enough for you to sing without feeling like you’re challenging anyone.

You must have a compatible iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV to use and view the lyrics of Apple Music Sing. A strong processor is necessary as the new dancing lyrics and its audio effects are done on-device. Therefore, it can only be used with an iPhone 11 or later, an iPad Air, an iPad Pro 11-inch, or an iPad/iPad mini 4K device.

As of October, 2022  Apple Music added its 100 millionth music track to the streaming platform. This number surpasses Spotify’s 82 million tracks and podcasts, YouTube Music’s 80 million songs, and Amazon Music’s 90 million recordings.

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