Chinese Artists Find Global Reach Through the Tencent Musician Platform

Tencent Music Entertainment Group's overseas promotion and distribution platform is extending China's music and cultural reach.

Tencent Music Entertainment

TME improved its overseas promotion and distribution capabilities in April 2022 by introducing a new service to its Tencent Musician Platform called ‘One-Click For All’. The new service allows musicians to conveniently distribute their music to over 150 popular platforms that have an audience reach of 200 countries and regions.

TME has also given out International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) for free to help with catalog management and copyright protection. As a result, incomes for musicians have increased significantly, with some earning equal amounts from both domestic and international markets.

The report highlights TME’s continuing work in supporting and developing Chinese musicians, as well as the high quality of their music. This falls in line with China’s goal of promoting its music and culture internationally. The data shows that in October 2022, nearly 40% of new releases by Tencent Musicians were distributed globally. This means that a total of 185,000 works are now available overseas. In the first half of this year, one single song saw an increase in streams of 4,800%. The highest income earned by a Tencent Musician also rose 835% from launch.

The Tencent Musician Platform not only supports China’s many musicians but also improves the international reach of the country’s original music – helping numerous Chinese artists pursue their musical dreams and further their careers.

Tencent Musician Akini Jing’s album Endless Farewell has received worldwide attention thanks to the progress of the platform. Not only was it recommended by other popular music platforms, but Pitchfork, a worldwide authority in music reviews, also chose it as their monthly pick.

Albums by Liu Shuang and Georgina Qian were recently added to Apple Music’s Spatial Audio feature. Mosaïque, a collaborative album between TME and the French embassy in China, was produced by 21 up-and-coming artists from both countries. The album was well received upon its release, with the lead single ‘Attends Encore un Peu’ getting promoted by many global music platforms.

TME’s distributed tunes have gathered over 500 million YouTube streams and 1 million+ Spotify, Facebook, and UMA (Universal Music API) plays. Not only were these musicians’ works consumed by foreign audiences, but attention was also drawn towards them which helped skyrocket their popularity internationally.


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