Home Business Japan’s Avex Music Renews Licensing Agreement with NetEase Cloud Music

Japan’s Avex Music Renews Licensing Agreement with NetEase Cloud Music

Japan’s Avex Music Renews Licensing Agreement with NetEase Cloud Music


NetEase Cloud Music

NetEase Cloud Music, the Chinese interactive music streaming service giant, announced that it has renewed its licensing agreement with Avex, the leading entertainment conglomerate in Japan. Under the Agreement, NetEase Cloud Music will continue to distribute Avex’s music catalog in China.

The Agreement will allow both parties to cooperate and increase the visibility of J-pop artists that are popular among Chinese fans. Using their respective strengths, they will explore new avenues to bring fans closer to Avex’s expansive catalog.

Established in 1988, Avex first began as an importer of musical records and sold them wholesale. In 1990, they created their own label called Avex Trax. Currently, they have broadened their horizons to include various other areas such as sub-record labels, live music events, animation, and filmmaking. Over the years of its establishment, Avex has developed many new trends driving movements of each era.

There are many world-renowned artists on its roster, including Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai Otsuka Kumi Koda, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, Awesome City Club, HIRAIDAI, I Don’t Like Mondays., and NAQT VANE, as well as viral phenomenon PIKOTARO.

NetEase Cloud Music is one of China’s most popular online music platforms. It offers a wide variety of genres from local and international artists, and its unique community atmosphere creates a highly interactive user base that keeps users coming back. This makes NetEase Cloud Music extremely efficient in promoting new music content and enhancing interactions between artists and their fans in China.

As NetEase continues to grow it has been partnering with many renowned entertainment companies. This provides users with an enriched experience of top-quality content, catering to diverse music tastes. Some recent collaborations involving extending copyright agreements include labels such as Modern Sky, Emperor Entertainment Group, China Record Group, Feng Hua Qiu Shi, KAO!INC, Yuehua Entertainment, Linfair Records, and SM Entertainment.


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