Home Arts Jay Chou Teams up with Messi and Neymar of PSG for Metaverse Venture

Jay Chou Teams up with Messi and Neymar of PSG for Metaverse Venture

Jay Chou Teams up with Messi and Neymar of PSG for Metaverse Venture

Paris Saint-Germain football club and Superstar Jay Chou announced that they would be launching a new metaverse art project together. Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Chou teased an Instagram promotional video, which combines PSG’s mascot with Chou’s distinct design style.


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With well-known collectors praising the star’s work, Chou has recently established a name for himself in the art world. In 2021, he sold his white-glove collection at Sotheby’s for $10.7 million USD. This time, Chou wants to partner with PSG to create new, innovative metaverse art.

The collaboration also aims to strengthen PSG’s presence in Asia. Chou is one of Spotify’s most-streamed Asian artists, and just last month received over 100 million views for a re-screening of previous live concert sets streamed online. As Chou’s popularity is starting to grow in Europe, another announcement of a performance at Paris’ Parc des Princes is anticipated. If so, it will mark the first time a Mando Pop artist has performed at the PSG stadium

Jay Chou
PSG Endowment Fund

A man who wears many hats, Chou’s philanthropic activities are extensive. He has worked with and been a supporter of underprivileged children for the past decade.  As spokesperson for the ‘Angel Heart Foundation’ since 2012, a non-profit charity for children with intellectual disabilities, he has worked with many charitable organizations within his home country of Taiwan. This time, together with PSG, Chou is attempting to educate people to raise awareness and money for impoverished kids through the PSG Endowment Fund. In partnership with the Fund, Jay Chou will be giving children the opportunity to enjoy a one-week stay devoted to togetherness, where they will take part in fun sporting activities such as horse riding, mini golf and, of course, football. This unique collaboration will also see youngsters enjoy a series of artistic activities that will, among other things, introduce them to Chinese culture and the musical and cinematographic world of the multi-talented Asian star, who has hundreds of millions of fans around the world.


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