Home Business Joox Exits Myanmar After Seven Years on Top

Joox Exits Myanmar After Seven Years on Top

Joox Exits Myanmar After Seven Years on Top
Joox Myanmar

JooxAfter 7 years as Myanmar’s top music streaming service, Joox (Tencent) announced it will withdraw service from the country effective June 6th. The decision comes in response to the protests against the military junta after the most recent coup. Many of Myanmar’s youth have peacefully protested the military regime by boycotting products either produced by the army or its conglomerates, including the Chinese-owned Joox music app.  Many goods and services from countries that haven’t condemned the coup have also been added to the boycott list.

Following the coup on 1st February 2021, a boycott of products by military companies became the main response by the people of Myanmar. Military-owned and controlled companies are an important source of revenue for the Burmese military. Buying goods and services from the military increases the revenue used to fund their operations, build their capacity and pay for the alleged human rights violations they commit. The boycott is intended to pressure governments, donors, UN agencies, aid agencies, international companies, and others operating in Myanmar. The ban includes over 170 companies on the ‘Dirty List’ which spans many countries, including Russia, the USA, Japan, and South Korea along with China.

Joox released in a statement that due to changes in the market it has stopped investment in Myanmar. Joox is one of the largest streaming apps in the Asian market, with the largest number of users in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. Supporters of the protest have uninstalled that app, as many singers have also removed their songs.


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