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Kuke Re-Up’s with Sony Select

Kuke Re-Up’s with Sony Select

Sony Select, the Hi-res music platform, renewed its agreement with Chinese classical music platform Kuke, a subsidiary of Naxos. Under the deal Naxos China will continue to license its extensive library of classical music to Sony under The ‘Select’ platform. 

Naxos China boasts its diverse high-res music catalog for both its quantity and quality, composed of classical, jazz and world music, as well as award-winning recordings that represent the highest standard in the industry.

High-Res Audio

High-res music apps offer high-quality, uncompressed, and lossless music files, which are typically in a higher resolution than standard music files. These apps allow users to stream or download high-quality audio files, providing a superior listening experience compared to traditional audio formats. They provide listeners with a more immersive, high-fidelity listening experience, allowing them to hear more detail and clarity in the music.


Kuke Music Platform

Kuke is the leading classical music service platform in China consisting of music learning services, with approximately 3 million audio and video music tracks. Kuke’s strategic joint venture with global business partner Naxos, is the foundation of Kuke’s extensive classical music content library. A library that is unparalleled. The Kuke platform provides access to more than 900 top-tier labels and record companies. 

Leveraging its market leadership in international copyrighted classical music content, Kuke provides highly scalable classical music licensing services to various online music platforms, and classical music subscription services to over 800 universities, libraries and other institutions across China. In addition, it has hosted Beijing Music Festival (“BMF”), the most renowned music festival in China, for 24 consecutive years.

Mr. He Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Kuke Music Holding Limited, commented, “We are pleased to continue our agreement with Sony Select, one of our long-term and most important licensing clients. This is another important strategic opportunity for us as we benefit from being aligned with industry leaders across the entire music ecosystem from creation to consumption. In the case of Sony Select, the platform has already established an impressive leadership position for its high-res app, which is viewed as a must-have for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Both of our companies share in the commitment to providing superior quality audio tracks to our users. In addition, as Sony Select continues to expand its popular high-res music app in new online and offline usage scenarios, it can generate incremental revenue for Sony Select as well as its content providers, Naxos China included.”


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