NetEase Cloud Music Subsidiary Cloud Village Inc. Adds Expansive K-Pop Portfolio

Deal with SM Entertainment adds a major Korean library to China’s second biggest streaming service

NetEase Cloud Music, the second biggest music streaming service in China, has teamed up with SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. (SM Entertainment), a major entertainment company in South Korea, to grant NetEase Cloud Music the license to distribute SM Entertainment’s song catalog.

NetEase Cloud Music
NetEase Music Streaming app

Cloud Village Inc., a NetEase subsidiary, is a major interactive music streaming service provider in China focused on fostering a strong social community, while allowing users to discover and promote emerging musicians. Since the launch of the platform, Cloud Village has become the destination of choice for new music fans in China, with many exploring new and independent music as a result. The site has been dubbed China’s most popular entertainment app by the active Generation Z community.

Under the terms of the Agreement, SM Entertainment will collaborate with Cloud Village to carry out extensive cooperation on behalf of K-Pop music fans and artists. Hundreds of notable K-Pop musicians work for SM Entertainment, including KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, and aespa.

SM Entertainment, founded in 1995, is a trailblazer in South Korea’s entertainment sector and has the global leadership in K-Pop with a wide international presence, including North America and Europe.

NetEase Cloud Music, one of China’s major online music platforms, has gained traction especially among the younger generation. The lively user community and strong user loyalty of NetEase Cloud Music are indicators that SM Entertainment’s content will be successful. NetEase Cloud Music has been actively adding to its diverse portfolio, recently closing deals with several major regional record labels including Modern Sky, Emperor Entertainment Group, and China Record Group.

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