NIGO Launches New Collection With Fashion Brand Kenzo

French luxury brand’s global campaign highlights 8 notable Asian artists.

Fashion legend NIGO most notable for his Iconic brands A BATHING APE and BAPE, launched his debut collection for French Luxury brand Kenzo with an assorted cast of Asian Music personalities. The Fall-Winter 2022 collection is tied with the brand’s ‘Real-to-Be’ project in partnership with the lifestyle magazine Hypebeast.  The ‘Real-to-Be’ project features Philippino, Careless Music’s CEO and founder, James Reid,  along with Hong Kong-based Tyson Yoshi, Singaporean singer-songwriter Aisyah Aziz, Indonesian singer Afgan, Korean singer-songwriter BIBI, Vietnamese singer Erik, Thai singer and actor Jaylerr and Taiwan-based Australian singer-songwriter Julia Wu.

NIGO, the new creative director of Kenzo, has said that his debut collection is an “authentic wardrobe founded in a forward-thinking approach to fashion.” His inspiration came from the maison’s heritage and his contemporary sartorial philosophy. This is evident in the genderless form of the garments, which allow them to be worn by men and women regardless of their personal preferences.

Jaylerr, Julia Wu, Aisyah Aziz, Erik

According to Kenzo, James and the other musicians were chosen to represent the brand in this global campaign because of their authenticity and dedication to their music.  These particular artists were chosen in hope that they can be an inspiration that can be used to motivate others to follow their passions. The goal of the project hopes to show all of their true attitudes and satisfaction with doing what they love.

Tyson Yoshi, Afgan, Bibi, James Reid
James Reid

“Be persistent with your vision. To stay real is to stay loyal to yourself. I launched my music label to uplift artists who hold similar values as me. From what I create and share with the world to how I style myself, everything aligns with who I am,” said Reid.


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