Home Business ORFIUM Acquires Breaker INC to Expand Music Tech Startup’s Reach Into Asia

ORFIUM Acquires Breaker INC to Expand Music Tech Startup’s Reach Into Asia

ORFIUM Acquires Breaker INC to Expand Music Tech Startup’s Reach Into Asia
ORFIUM acquires influencer brand Breaker

In a move that will expand its reach in the music tech startup space, Rob Wells-led ORFIUM has acquired Breaker INC, a Tokyo-based promotional, marketing and content company. The acquisition is seen as a strategic one by Rob and his team as it will give them an entry into the Japanese market bringing their technological solutions for record labels publishers CMOs, film companies, and rightsholders with them.

ORFIUM is an award-winning, high-growth technology company providing software, data, and licensing solutions for the entertainment industry’s most complex problems around music, content and rights management.

Breaker was founded in 2013 by Alan Swarts, formerly Vice President of MTV/Viacom in Japan, and John Possman, co-founder of DFR Asia. As one of the first YouTube-centric businesses in Japan, Breaker has established a worldwide influencer network, and produced big budget YouTube original content including the successful StalkingVampire2 series. Breaker claims to have Japan’s largest overseas influencer network which falls in line with its mission statement ‘connect the world and Japan’.

Breaker’s board of directors includes Shigeo Maruyama, ex-CEO of Sony Music Japan as well as ex-Chairman of Sony Computer Networks.

Alan Swarts, CEO of Breaker, said: “Whether it’s influencer marketing or social media management or content production, Breaker’s mission has always been to be of service to creators and rights holders in monetizing their intellectual property.”

 “We expect ORFIUM’s technology to deliver significant increases in revenue for Japanese creators and rights holders, much like ORFIUM already does for its partners around the world.”

Rob Wells

Rob Wells, CEO of ORFIUM, added: “I am delighted to be bringing Alan and his team into the ORFIUM organization. He has done a sensational job with Breaker and we are looking forward to supercharging his future efforts with our technology.”

“Japan is the second biggest music market on the planet with local uniqueness and incredible domestic content and talent.”


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