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Proto Beams Hologram To Rossa’s Fans

Proto Beams Hologram To Rossa’s Fans

When Tupac Shakur appeared as a grainy hologram in 2012 at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, news of this technology beamed across the world. Now, the Los Angeles based company, Proto is using “Holoportation” to display crystal clear, realistic and life-size imagery for artists including the best selling Indonesian artist of all time, known as Rossa. 

Proto ‘Holoportation’ 

The inventor and current CEO of Proto, David Nussbaum calls it a ‘single passenger holoportation machine’ where he hopes it would someday be possible for CEOs, celebrities, politicians and everyday people to integrate this technology into their daily lives.

David Nussbaum

Nussabaum explains, “I can beam anybody into any place they want to go, whenever they want to go, and we can do it using an iPhone only, which is incredible.”

The hologram format applies neuroscience to make people feel as though they are actually in the same room. The discovery by Proto and other independent researchers has significant implications for family connection, telemedicine, therapy, entertainment and other areas. 

Proto found that the same beneficial chemical reactions that take place when people are physically present in the same room also occur when holograms are used.

Rossa’s Revolutionary Fan Interaction

Rossa, the top-selling Indonesian artist of all time, made an appearance as a hologram last week at the Jakarta, Indonesia launch party for her most recent album, Another Journey: The Beginning

The real Rossa shocked the guests with a live performance before interacting with her own hologram. V2 Indonesia, a partner of Proto in the area, organized the event.

The Indonesian singer by the name of Sri Rossa Roslaina Handiyani is also known as Dato’ Sri Rossa in Malaysia and as Rossa across the world.

Her new album on the Inspire Music label after an almost 6-year absence has been released this month. Many anecdotes in her music concern the loss, departure, delight and anguish of the diva’s feelings in the past two years. 

Rossa had her singing debut when she was 10 years old. Her debut album called Gadis Ingusan came out in 1988. Her album Nada-nada Cinta in 1996 was able to sell over 750,000 copies. 

In 1999, the album Tegar,  helped her win the MTV Indonesia Award for Favorite Female Artist in 2000. In 2019, the singer also agreed to a record deal with SM Entertainment, which is based in South Korea. 

The Indonesian diva has won numerous other honors, including “Queen of Indonesia Pop” by Asia Pop 40 in 2017 and “Best Indonesian Artist” at the 2018 Big Apple Music Awards in New York. 

Proto’s Technology Is Here To Stay

Howie Mandel, a comedian, is one of Proto’s Investors and is calling the platform, “the future of everything.” A Girl Called Tom, Metro Boomin, Walker Hayes, Tanya Tucker, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and more artists have also been featured on Proto.

In addition to having an active distribution partner in Taipei, Taiwan, Proto has been used at the Star Awards in Singapore and KCON in Seoul.

Rossa’s album launch party allowed many live spectators and netizens across Asia to witness the true impact of immersive technology that aims to bring people closer to people they wish to follow, admire and keep in touch with on a whole new level. 

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