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Sing, Earn, Compete and Win with Vietnamese start-up SingSing

Sing, Earn, Compete and Win with Vietnamese start-up SingSing
SingSing the Web3 platform for singers.

Vietnamese company SingSing has officially announced its Sing-to-Earn SocialFi Platform. SingSing is a community-driven NFT platform and soon-to-be social app that connects superfans with singers through the blockchain. With a strong community of influencers and followers, users can participate in singing events along with their idols while earning rewards through the app.

Lil’Knight, B Ray, and Datamaniac NFT drop.

Tokens earned through the app can be used to purchase NFTs that act as passports to various exclusive events and access to idols on the SingSing NFT marketplace. The ‘Superpass NFT’ for example, grants special privileges that not only give VIP access within the app but also privileges that extend outside of the platform. Along with building a Web3 ecosystem, SingSing has acquired a roster of over 30 notable singers throughout Asia including Vietnamese rappers Lil’Knight, B Ray, and Datamaniac.

Superpass NFT
SingSing singers

SingSing’s unique AI scoring technology is at the backbone of its performance-based scoring system. The app’s technology is based on three criteria: First, evaluation is based on voice, including the right music, the voice quality, and whether it reflects the chosen favorite singer well. Second, when performing with the camera on, AI Scoring Technology evaluates the singer’s appearance based on the standard facial proportions. Finally, during the singing process, singers’ facial expressions are also evaluated in comparison to the song, bringing together all of the important qualities of a great Karaoke performance.

SingSing founders

The founding team behind SingSing, Phung Tien Cong, Ha Pham, and Thu Nguyen all share over 20 years of experience in the digital music and Karaoke Industry, including founding OKARA the #1 Karaoke network in Vietnam. The SingSing team has already reached significant marks on its strategic roadmap and plans to  launch the trial version of the app with Sing-to-Earn features by Q3 of 2022.


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