Singapore-Based BandLab is on Track to Compete with Media Giants

The social music creation platform continues to grow its community while securing strong investment.

BandLab, the Singapore-based all-in-one social music creation platform, recently reached 50 million creators and isn’t looking back. Since 2019, BandLab has seen a 150% increase in its user base and is now one of the most popular music apps in the iOS app store. Founded by Meng Ru Kuok, a global music industry investor and innovator and head of the Caldecot Music Group, Kouk is involved with an array of music-related ventures spanning from music retailers to music publications. BandLab is the group’s main project, as it has skyrocketed in popularity since the pandemic.

Capitalizing on the creator-friendly wave of social media apps, BandLab has created tools to empower its users and help them share their music with the world. As a way to give back to the community formed within the app, Bandlab recently announced the Creator Grant, a new initiative to help empower creators on the platform.

BandLab music creation platform

BandLab is a next-generation social music production platform that simplifies and narrows down technical, geographic, and creative barriers for musicians and their audiences. The mobile-first cross-platform DAW and social network unifies the entire creator journey into one place, with a suite of tools for musicians to make music, share it with fans, and earn money.

The BandLab Creator Grant provides awards to creators on the platform for their commitment, resourcefulness, and creativity. As an annual fund totaling $60K USD, Bandlab awards 5 creators funds to invest in their creative process – to be utilized for anything from generating content to purchasing equipment, social advertising, or a marketing campaign.

Meng Ru Kuok
“Our goal with Creator Grant is to support and further creator development by giving funds for them to invest in their own creative process,” said BandLab CEO & Co-founder, Meng Ru Kuok.

In April 2022 BandLab was the recipient of a $65 million dollar investment in Series B funding led by Vulcan Capital, K3 Ventures, Prosus, and Caldecott Music Group. This successful funding round has brought the music creation platform’s valuation up to $315 million and puts the platform in prime  position for future acquisitions.

Among the many Tech acquisitions the company has made, the 2019 acquisition of music discovery platform ReverbNation has brought several key features to the app. Features already in use for creators to crowdsource their music and tools for promoting music through Facebook and Instagram. BandLab has also collaborated with Google to design an AI-powered ‘Songstarter’ tool to help creators in the songwriting process. With firm investor backing, combining social media with production tools, and its own distribution channel, BandLab is well-positioned to become a major player among the mobile media giants.

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