Home Business SpiderVille Receives $1m in Seed Funding to Build Upon its Music NFT Infrastructure

SpiderVille Receives $1m in Seed Funding to Build Upon its Music NFT Infrastructure

SpiderVille Receives $1m in Seed Funding to Build Upon its Music NFT Infrastructure

While Music NFTs for the casual music fan are still a murky commodity amongst the emerging wave of Web3 technologies, companies continue to invest and build the infrastructure for what many believe is the future of music. Singapore-based SpiderVille, a Web3 music startup, has recently raised a $1M pre-seed round from Contents Technologies, Samsung Next, and other notable angel investors to improve the discovery and distribution of music NFTs. Contents Technologies is the largest music IP fund/tech company in Asia, a subsidiary of Beyond Music, with currently secured adjacency and copyright to about 25,000 songs. Samsung Next is the venture capital unit of Samsung Electronics Company, a leading global startup ecosystem that embraces innovative areas, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and open source cloud-native computing infrastructure.

The focus of the latest funding round for SpiderVille is developing a sound infrastructure for Web3 artists and the music industry, raising awareness, and priming it for scalability. In its announcement, SpiderVille unveiled its Ooh La La project, a Web3 music player designed to provide an easier way for users to discover, listen to, and manage their music NFTs. Ooh La La’s core focus is to lower barriers for users to stream NFTs, bridge the gap between music fans all over the world, and connect all aspects of Web3 technology to its platform.

Hyug Bin Kwon

“Despite music NFTs promising a more equitable system for artists than streaming, it is difficult for new users to discover them. So we’ve pulled them together in a single interface for users to easily navigate fresh musical content,” Hyug Bin Kwon, co-founder and CEO of SpiderVille, shared in a statement.

The Ooh La La alpha will feature a single interface to aggregate music NFTs owned by users across various blockchain networks, along with playlist management and trending track discovery. Emphasizing a truly borderless music NFT experience, the project also hopes to provide an accessible on-ramp for artists and consumers from under-represented regions.


“SpiderVille’s dedicated team is focused on building a product that isn’t just temporary hype but has real-world impact. We think SpiderVille will be a key player in this space, and we are proud to work closely with them to reshape the music industry for artists worldwide,” said Jangwon Lee, the founder of Contents Technologies.


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