Home Business Tencent’s QQ Music teams up with with Dolby Atmos

Tencent’s QQ Music teams up with with Dolby Atmos

Tencent’s QQ Music teams up with with Dolby Atmos

TencentTencent is the first domestic music service to support Dolby Atmos in China. Dolby Atmos is known for its spatial audio technology that simulates 360 degrees surround sound, putting listeners right in the center of their favorite song. A feature that has been available on many streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal, will now be available to QQ music SVIP subscribers with Android phones.

At launch, not all of QQ music’s library will be available with Dolby Atmos, but The catalog will include a growing library of some of music’s most popular singers, bands, and artists from all over the world, such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Roddy Ricch, and Sia, in addition to Chinese artists Buyi Mao, Charlie Zhou, Mayday, Jam Hsiao, Tia Ray, Nana Ou-yang, and INTO1. QQ Music’s Dolby Atmos library will also cover a wide range of music genres, from Pop to Classical, Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, and more.

This partnership comes as Tencent Music Entertainment saw a 31.7 percent jump in paid users over Q1 2022, a rebound from the government crackdown on Tencent over what was deemed unfair exclusive music deals that monopolized the market. The strategic redirection to focus on the global exchange of Chinese music and international acts within China has paid off for the streaming giant. As the market continues to grow within China, TME continues to meet the market’s unique preferences.

With live-stream concerts of Legacy Acts like Backstreet boys or Jay Chou the Shenzhen-based company continues to build its platform, while fending off domestic competitors like NetEase Cloud Music, and preventing companies like Spotify, and Apple Music from creating strong footholds in the region. The addition of Dolby Atmos is another strategic advantage for TME’s long-term plans to expand its platform and user base.

“Our collaboration with Dolby allows us to provide QQ Music subscribers with an incredible music listening experience,” said Alan Zhou, Vice President of Technology, QQ Music, Tencent Music Entertainment Group. “As China’s first domestic music service supporting Dolby Atmos, QQ Music is a leader in providing innovative listening experiences for music fans in China. Users will feel sound from all around with crystal clear details when listening to music in Dolby Atmos and experience the beauty of music more vividly and realistically. TME will work closely with Dolby to bring more high-quality content in Dolby Atmos from various artists and labels to the service, offering creators and fans a new world of music brought to life in Dolby Atmos.”


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