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The Greater China Region Shows Promise for Sony Music

The Greater China Region Shows Promise for Sony Music
Sony launches RCA Greater China

Sony Music Entertainment has launched RCA Records Greater China. The legendary label’s focus will be signing artists in the Greater China region, and expanding the company’s presence across the region. They also look to broaden commercial opportunities across streaming, gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, NFTs and the Metaverse.

The Greater China region has become an increasingly important market for record labels. As a result, RCA Records Greater China will assist artists to develop their fan base and capitalize on Sony Music Entertainment’s network of performers to arrange international partnerships and releases for artists with an international appeal. Andrew Chan, CEO, Greater China, Sony Music Entertainment explained that RCA Records Greater China is a first of a series of labels Sony plans to launch in the region.

Andrew Chan
 “With China achieving over 30% growth in recorded music revenue in 2021 and leading the Asian market, there is plenty of room for artists and music labels to grow. RCA Records Greater China will improve our ability to create quality, diverse music and products that help artists stand out and compete effectively in the attention economy.” -Andrew Chan
Jackson Wang

Two key artist signings coincided with the launch. Jackson Wang, a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and designer,  joined the RCA Records Greater China roster. Wang, the first Chinese solo act to debut on the Mediabase US Top 40 Radio is also a member of KPOP group GOT7, which debuted in 2014.

Joining Wang is A-Lin, a hugely popular Aboriginal Taiwanese artist who is  a KKBox Music Awards winner and multiple Golden Melody Award nominee.


Kevin Foo, appointed as managing director of the new label, will continue to oversee Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan’s operations, working across Shanghai, Taipei, and Singapore. 

“It’s an honor to be leading RCA Records Greater China and we’re passionate about discovering and helping new artists succeed,” said Kevin Foo.

Kevin Foo

RCA Records Greater China, with its headquarters in Shanghai, will concentrate on developing Chinese domestic A&R and local-language performers. The label will also make key personnel hires including A&R, Web3, data analytics, digital marketing, digital licensing, gaming, talent development, and more.


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