Universal Music and Vietnamese Creators Network METUB launch monoX

New label looks to break Vietnamese talent globally and serve as a hub for local Influencers, artists, and creators.

Universal Music, in partnership with METUB, the leading video and talent network in Vietnam has announced the creation of a new label called monoX. METUB manages over 3,000 channels on YouTube generating more than 4 billion views monthly. METUB’s main focus is building a creator hub that helps creators turn their passion into a sustainable career – primarily by growing their fanbase, and enabling creators earning potentials across platforms through digital content and commerce. Much like many of the major label collaborations in Asia, monoX hopes to be a thriving hub for exploring and developing talent globally, while curating talent that best represents Vietnam.

The new collaboration was announced in Ho Chi Minh City, and monoX looks to serve as a crucial linchpin to finding, developing, and introducing new Vietnamese artists into the spotlight, embracing the idea that, ‘The world is your oyster’.

“We are able to provide a one-stop shop for artists”, says Lan Khanh Phung, GM of Universal Music Vietnam. “More than just music, we can connect people through creativity, emotion and dreams. From passion to profession. We want to bridge the two worlds together and the launch of monoX as a standalone new label will provide Vietnamese artists new opportunities to find success and build audiences, both at home and globally”.

monoX highlighted its first signee Wren Evans during the debut press conference. Evans is a Vietnamese singer, songwriter, influencer, and fashionista who has released several singles. His debut single ‘Thich Em Hoi Nhieu’ (I like you a lot) garnered more than 10 million views in less than 10 days upon release, clinching the Number 1 slot across multiple platforms, and has quickly propelled him to be among the top new talents of his generation. His YouTube channel has more than 110k subscribers and counting, as his influence among the Gen-Z audience increases. His latest single ‘Con Dau’ (The Pain) was released 3 weeks ago, alongside an accompanying music video ‘Con Dau’ (The Pain) from his debut album, will be the first release through monoX/Universal Music Vietnam.

Wren Evans

On signing to monoX, Wren said: “I am thrilled to finally have a team that truly understands and supports what I do creatively. Now I only focus on putting out music. A lot of it. I cannot wait for my fans to discover the next chapters in my journey.


Phuong Ha

“With this co-operation between METUB and Universal Music Group ,we hope to build a home for Vietnamese artists where they can enjoy a world-class music industry value chain with local insights and an extensive network. At METUB, we are able to discover new talents at a very early stage of their career and certainly, the monoX label will continue to help us to turn their passion for music into a successful artist career”.– CEO of METUB, Phuong Ha

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