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Warner Chappell Songwriting Camp Returns in Seoul

Warner Chappell Songwriting Camp Returns in Seoul

Warner Chappell Music Korea has brought back in-studio songwriting camps as Covid restrictions ease. The two-week songwriting camp held in the company’s newly renovated Seoul headquarters brings together songwriters from all around the world to collaborate and create future hits for South Korea’s leading artists, labels and entertainment agencies. The camp was held this month at Warner Chappell Music Korea’s brand-new multi-purpose songwriting rooms and recording studio. Songwriters from countries including Canada, Columbia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and the UK came together to collaborate and write new songs. Songwriters who took part in the event included Dougie F., Jay B, Jesper Borgen, Larzz Principato, Lee Hyun Do, Pooh Beatz among many others.

Participants were tasked with writing songs for superstars such as AESPA, Cravity, NCT, The Boyz and TWICE from large South Korean labels including IST Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and Starship Entertainment, with 55 songs written over the two weeks. During the event’s listening party, songwriters had the chance to meet with label A&Rs and learn more about the South Korean industry. They also visited Seoul’s landmarks, dined at popular eateries, and sampled South Korea’s hospitality.

CJ Kim, General Manager of Warner Chappell Music Korea, says: “We are very happy to bring back in-studio songwriting camps again. Although musicians were relying on technology to create songs remotely during the pandemic, many say that co-writing songs online was difficult to do, as it felt very one-dimensional. As the pandemic continues to ease in South Korea, we plan to organize more camps like this to create opportunities to develop our songwriters’ careers and promote interesting collaborations where participants can once again meet in person and tap into one another’s vibe. ”
Monica Lee
Monica Lee, President, Warner Chappell Music Asia Pacific, adds: “We are delighted to be able to partner with our colleagues from around the world in-person again and bring together the best local songwriters, as well as top musicians from around the world, to write K-pop. We hope that through our camps, writers from all around our global network get to have meaningful exchanges in a creative space and form partnerships and friendships.”


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