Warner Music Asia Signs Singapore-based Artist Gentle Bones

Warner Music Asia continues to stack the decks in their favor with another top level signing

Joel Tan is the 28 year old singer songwriter who created his stage name Gentle Bones over a decade ago. He continues to turn heads with chart topping hits and star-studded collaborations. 

Formerly part of Universal Music Group, Gentle Bones, rose through the ranks by originally releasing cover songs on Youtube. For over a decade, Asian music charts continue to display the talents of Gentle Bones who has collaborated with:

  • JJ Lin
  • Karencici
  • Julia Wu

Why Did Gentle Bones Sign With Warner Music Asia? 

Joel Tan wants to take his talents to the next level. After announcing last year that he will not be using his alter-ego, Gentle Bones for much longer, he is ready to expand. 

Warner Music Asia offers:

  • A regional label capable of growing his fan base outside of Singapore
  • Creative expertise
  • Global marketing
Gentle Bones
Chris Gobalakrishna, Co-President of Warner Music Asia
“We are delighted to announce that Joel will be joining the Warner Music family. We feel grateful that he’s entrusted us to build upon his career. With our creative expertise and global marketing network, we look forward to introducing his music to audiences from around the globe, helping him reach new fans worldwide.”



Gentle Bones
Jonathan Serbin, Co-President of Warner Music Asia
“Joel is a special talent and has done an incredible job of building a fanbase and telling his story.  He’s one of the most loved artists to come out of Singapore and now is the time for us to really help support him as he steps onto the global stage. We’re excited to see how he connects around the world.”


Warner Music Asia Artists

Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones is the recent addition to the roster of artists under Warner Music Asia which includes:

  • Nathan Hartono
  • JJ Lin
  • J.M3
  • Jasmine Sokko
  • SingVoice

Gentle Bones Reacts To Recent Signing

Gentle Bones“I’m extremely excited to be working with the Warner Music Asia team. It’s an honour to be a part of their roster and being able to work with these prominent industry professionals. We’re putting together releases that encompass a strong regional vision and I am thrilled to bring this to fruition in the next couple of years with them.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting new releases from Gentle Bones under Warner Music Asia. “The Right Words” is his debut release following this signing and is set to premiere on February 10th. This is the first single of a four-track EP marked for release by Q3 later this year. 

Gentle Bones spoke out about the process, “As an artist, keeping the awareness that we are to serve the audience can be tricky sometimes as we understand that words can be perceived very differently. 
I’ve been releasing a slew of positive music for a couple of years, and I’ve reached the point where I feel continuing to do so only dilutes the beauty in the messages of my previous songs. Which then begins the inspiration for “The Right Words”, with a lyric in the pre-chorus, ‘lose my authenticity, when I try to speak.’”



Gentle Bones Career Highlights

  • Gentle Bones and JJ Lin’s “At Least I Had You” has close to 5 million streams so far.
  • He has topped the charts with singles like “Until We Die”, “Save Me”, and “Elusive”.
  • He became the first Singaporean listed in Forbes 30-Under-30 in 2016.


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